Kenneth R. Anderson & Associates, Inc. tailors its survey methods to fit the unique boundary, topographic and construction characteristics of each land parcel and project site that the company surveys.  We accomplish this by first fully evaluating the client's and project scope of work requirements and then select the most conservative and cost-effective approach to achieve the required results.  The project team has available for their use, state of the art, full robotic equipped total station instruments with electronic data-collection, computer aided cogo analysis software and drafting systems which provides an efficient and effective evaluation that yields the optimal approach to the project's survey requirements.  This blend of professional expertise and technology results in significant time and cost savings for the client.


Kenneth R. Anderson & Associates, Inc. provides the following quality surveying services:


n Boundary Surveys                              n A.L.T.A. Standard Surveys

n Topographic Surveys                         n Subdivision Platting

n Construction Lay-out                         n Control/Route Surveys

n Condominium Platting                         n Legal Descriptions

n Court Exhibit Mapping                       n Title Research

n Wetland Mapping                              n Right-of-Way Parcel Mapping